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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


2013 Japan Tour Update (as of April 12, 2013)


The itinerary for the official seminar to be held in Japan May 24-29, 2013, has been altered slightly again.

Guests will not be staying  at the Kurume Esprit Hotel while they are in Kurume but at the Hotel Toyoko Inn. Please make this correction in your personal itinerary if you plan to participate in the tour.

The downloadable document made available in the April 8 announcement will need to be revised to show this change.

The corrected itinerary appears below.


REVISED ITINERARY (as of April 12, 2013)

May 23
Arrival at Fukuoka Airport
Visit offices of Manners Sound Research Co, Ltd
Dinner with Yukinori Matsushita and guests
Overnight at Hotel Toyoko Inn

May 24
Guided tour around Saga-shi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-shi
Yoshinogari Historical Park (The Remains)
Saga Castle History Museum
Saga Shrine
Ise Shrine
Xu Fu Kan Longevity
Sunset Service at Megalith Park
Overnight at Hotel Toyoko Inn

May 25
Communion of Fellowship at headquarters of Cosolargy Institute in Japan
Ino Noh Theater
Dedication dance by Mizuho Asano
Presentation on Project “X” by Bishop Gene Savoy Jr.
Dinner and social gathering with participants at Cineate-ku cafe
Overnight at Hotel Toyoko Inn

May 26
Sunrise Service at the ancient solar site of Yakinotouge
Social gathering  at offices of Manners Sound Research Co, Ltd
(Afternoon schedule to be announced)
Overnight at Hotel Toyoko Inn

May 27
Ferry from port of Hakata to Iki Island
Visit Ikinoku Museum and Haranotsuji Site
Q & A with Gene Savoy Jr. at Iki Byu Hotel
Dinner, Iki Noh Dance performance and overnight at Iki Byu Hotel

 May 28
Visit shrines on Iki Island
Kojima Shrine
Tsukiyomi Shrine
Ondake Shrine
Ferry from Iki Island to port of Hakata
Overnight at Hotel Toyoko Inn

 May 29
Breakfast at Kurume Esprit Hotel
Meeting with Yukinori Matsushita
Seminar program ends