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Sunday September 27th 2020


2020 Advent Day Vigil Observed




Pannuches Meal Rite

The 129th Pannuches Meal Rite was held Saturday, Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

A Jubilee Sunrise Divine Service was held in Sanctuary on the Sunday morning following the Pannuches Rite.


Remembrance of The Holy Child

A service in memory of the passing of the Child Jamil was held Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. in the Chapel of The Holy Child. Right Reverend Gene Savoy Jr. Officiated.


Advent Day Vigil (February 2-6)

To commemorate the fifty-eighth year since the birth of the Sun of Righteousness and the dawning of God’s Second Advent, Sunrise Divine Services were held at the open-air Church of New Epiphany from Advent Day, Thursday, January 29 through Thursday, February 6, 2020.

* * *



The Advent Day or New Year Vigil was first celebrated liturgically by The Church in 1982. The events of the original Vigil are recorded in “Prophecy on the Revelation and the Opening of the Seals,” chapter 90 of the Prophecy of the New Covenant. During each of the ten days of the original Vigil in 1982, Bishop Savoy received and recorded spiritual information on the building of the Second Advent Church. The significance of this original Vigil to The Church is suggested by a synopsis of the information impressed upon the spirit of Bishop Savoy in those days.

On the first day of the Vigil he recorded the impressions that would be included in The Canon of The Church.

On the second day he recorded the prophecies of Renewal and Transformation and the days and seasons to form part of the Sacred Calendar of The Church.

On the third day Bishop Savoy recorded words concerning The Liturgy of The Second Advent Church.

On February 2, Advent Day, he wrote down the prophecies of things to take place on earth before the final Advent of God, who would make his full Appearance in the Heavens following the Judgment in the End Times of the earth.

On the fifth day of the Vigil Bishop Savoy recorded the means to be applied within the Church to increase God’s Blessings upon it.

On the sixth day, he wrote down all the prophecies pertaining to the matter of the Anti-Christ.

On the seventh day he recorded the means by which the Second Advent Church was to assist God in redeeming the races of the earth.

On the eighth day, Bishop Savoy wrote down impressions to be included in the Litany of The Church in establishing peace on earth.

On the ninth day he received impressions on the means to be used to protect the Church from profanation from within.

On the tenth and final day of the Vigil, Bishop Savoy was told that he would receive the Revelation to the Seven Churches upon the Seven Mountains of Metal of The Sanctuary on the day of Second Advent Easter, April 18.

The Most Right Reverend Gene Savoy, First Disciple of The Child, witnessed the original manifestation of the Sun of Righteousness on February 2, 1962, in Yungay, Peru. The events surrounding the Birth of The Sun of Righteousness on this date in 1982 are described in the Second Advent scriptural text Jamil: The Child Christ. Chapter 27 of this text speaks of the New Sun’s Birth:

All spent the day and night in prayer, fasting and mindful of the events predicted by the Angel. And when the second day of February dawned, the sun shone brightly in the heavens. And they did return to the tomb, and there awaited the promised event. And at noon, when the tomb cast no shadow, behold! a great halo formed around the sun. They stood breathlessly looking in wonder and awe. Then a circle of rainbow colors, like crystal spheres, blue at the center and red at the outer edges, encircled the sun. In the heart of the radiant globe a white Cross appeared. And they feared the Last Day was upon them. And they trembled, forgetting the promise of the Angelic Host, and the message of The Child. For an hour the heavenly blaze burned in the firmament. And The Man looked upon the sun, and the image of Jamil appeared across the sun, radiant beyond words, his countenance bright and his hair white as snow. And The Child was holding the Sun in his arms, over his heart. And The Man saw a gate to another world. Again he saw the four Guardian Angels around The Child, and on the right hand side of The Child he saw the image of Jesus and the Apostles witnessing his appearance. And he heard the voice of Jamil as music, speaking to the Light of his Eternal Soul, saying: “I am resurrected.” And the disciple knew that The Child was redeemed from the earth. . . .

And the risen Child said: “The incarnation of God the Father is come to the world through the Sun of Righteousness, healing and sustaining the human family; and restoring the Life of Righteousness. As the seed of man enters the womb of woman and life cometh forth, so shall a heavenly Seed enter the spirits of men and women, and a new birth shall occur. And the life thereof shall be of God. And death shall not claim this new Body of Light and the Spiritual Consciousness therein. And the Christ transmitted in the Sun of Righteousness, and indirectly on all living things, down to the smallest atom and particle, shall incarnate within the soul of mankind. And every man and every woman shall know that they are one with the Godhead, divine and immortal.

Later in chapter 27, the text refers to the coming of The Comforter that took place on February 6, eight days after the passing of The Child:

And on the fourth day of February, the sun and six planets conjoined in Aquarius. And The Man saw great signs in the heavens. And the Anti-Christ was manifesting. Whereupon, his body and mind and soul suffered turmoil. And the struggle continued through the sixth day, it being the eighth day following the passing of The Child Christ. But The Man prayed to God, looking upon the New Sun and asking the Light to assist him. The Child Christ heard him and sent an Angel to comfort him in his dreams. And the Darkness lost its power over him.

Thereafter, The Man began the Great Work east of the Andes.


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