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Saturday June 6th 2020


Appeal for El Cardonal

Satellite image of proposed site for healing center in Baja, Mexico PHOTO: Google Maps


On March 16, 2017 Bishop Gene Savoy Jr sent out an appeal for financial aid to go ahead with the project of building a wellness center and a center for Cosolargy International in Mexico. We are reprinting it here in an edited and abridged form to make it available to a wider readership:

It is my great honor and privilege to announce at this special time in the life of The Church and the history of our Community the establishment of The Church and Cosolargy International in Mexico and Latin America. As you know, we have formed a Mexican corporation named Cosolargy Internacional, A.C. The Community has also recently made a deposit on 2.3 acres of beachfront property in an area north of Los Barriles called El Cardonal in Baja California Sur, about a 45-minute drive northeast of the international airport at San Jose del Cabo. It is a beautiful spot, one on which will be the beginnings of a Cosolargy Center and what we are naming “The Retreat at El Cardonal – Health, Healing and Wellness Center.”

Before getting into the details of the purchase, which we need your assistance with, let me tell you a little bit about the importance of Mexico, in my eyes. First, as you may know, I was born in Mexico City in 1971 after my father and mother fled Peru in 1970 when the military takeover of the government and other situations forced them to leave. It was a devastating time for my father because he really was in love with Peru; but destiny had another plan for him and The Community.

It is an important part of our mission as Cosolargists and representatives of the Second Advent to spread the Teachings of Light and the System of Cosolargy to as many people and nations as possible. We know that our Teachings need to be presented in other languages besides English; and we also know that we must establish branch Communities throughout the world in specific places, particularly those nations which once were home to the ancient solar orders and high priesthoods of times past. This has already been accomplished in Japan. We must initially look to places where we have an advantage. Because of our Japanese members, we were able to establish the Cosolargy Institute of Japan in 2010, and because of my Mexican nationality, the Church has been able to incorporate Cosolargy Internacional in Mexico. Other places on the agenda at this time are Ireland and New Zealand. Canada has always been on my mind but nothing has developed there yet.

For the past twenty years, I have been looking for a spot in Mexico knowing that my birthright there is an asset to the Community, which it definitely is. Mexico holds a very special place in my heart as it was there that not only I was born, but where I was baptized. My father immersed me in the waters of the Pacific Ocean outside of Acapulco and later took me to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, placing me as an infant on the top stone and dedicating me to the service of God and the Light.

Over many years, I traveled around Mexico whenever I could visiting various parts of the country: the central region, the Yucatan peninsula, the Pacific coast until I finally was introduced to southern Baja and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). I loved it immediately. I could feel an intense energy there. And, the sun is radiant, soothing, and beautiful.

Last month a company of Community members joined me on a visit to Los Barriles to see and experience the area with the idea of purchasing property for The Community and Cosolargy International. The particular piece of property we were looking at initially did not work out for various reasons. However, the next day we were taken by our realtor to a place 25 minutes north of Los Barriles at El Cardonal. It seemed to all of us that this must be the place! Negotiating with the owner, an 80-year old businessman out of southern California, I was able to secure a deal.

The parcel map of the property shows three elongated beachfront lots, one back lot, and an L-shaped access easement. The asking price was $500,000 for each of the beachfront lots and $300,000 for the back lot for a total sum of $1.8 million. Through our discussions, we were able to settle at a 50% reduction of the asking price of the entire property. We settled for a total price of $900,000. The seller, expressly saying he wanted to help our Community, not only dropped his price significantly but also said he would carry the note for 15 years. This was an offer we could not refuse, as Mexican banks generally do not lend on raw land.

As I mentioned earlier, the Church made a $10,000 deposit on the land which took it off the market and began the due diligence period of 45 days. We had until April 6 to change our mind for a full refund. The additional down payment, due 60 days after the due diligence period ends, is $140,000. This is what I need your help with. Several members of The Community have already made pledges to support this project.

So let me tell you a little bit of what I envision. First and foremost, this is to be Cosolargy’s center for Latin America, at least for now. Many years have been spent diligently translating the Cosolargy Papers into Spanish, so that material is now ready to be presented to the Spanish-speaking world. Second, the definition of Cosolargy is basically healing and therapy. Our System is based on the healing of body, mind, and Spirit by the use of solar, color, light, imaging, and symbolic therapeutics, among others. Therefore, the building of healing centers around the world fits into the mission of the Church, which is to heal people, the world, and the Cosmos and to spread our New Advent Teaching.

The Cosolargy Center in Mexico will be a multi-purpose and multi-use facility. It will encompass not only a teaching center for Cosolargy but also a spa and wellness center that will employ various types of energetic and other therapies. There will be accommodations for guests, as well as a restaurant and other facilities as we progress with the plan. Another very important aspect of this opportunity is the possibility of a retirement facility for members of The Community in their later years. Such a project has been discussed for many years here in Reno, but quite honestly, with our limited resources and government regulations, it will be a much easier undertaking in Mexico.

Our first task is to raise the money for the deposit already made ($10,000), the upcoming down payment ($140,000), closing costs ($35,000) and title insurance ($10,000) for a total up-front expense of $195,000. A significant amount has already been pledged, but we have not yet reached our goal. We need your help. What we can offer you for your donation is a membership package which will include use of the accommodations at the Retreat Center in Mexico and discounts on therapies and other services. Some details are included on the enclosed pledge form. Other information will soon be forthcoming. And you can visit our web page at www.cosolargy.net/mexico.

I thank you for your consideration of this great opportunity to expand The Community and to reach other people throughout the Americas. Hopefully, the Center and Retreat will also serve as a catalyst for others to study Cosolargy and help in The Great Work. I welcome and need your support. Please feel free to call me personally at 775-741-8051 or email me at [email protected] I send you my warmest regards and blessings.

Sincerely yours in Light+,

Gene Savoy Jr.

* * *

The editors of the Community Communique hope that you realize the importance of The Community expanding into Mexico and Latin America to further the goals and objectives of Cosolargy by reaching people in the Spanish-speaking world in fulfillment of The Church’s teaching mission. And we hope you will donate towards this important cause, which begins with the purchase of 2.3 acres of beachfront property in southern Baja California, Mexico. Contributions of $5000 or above comes with certain Membership Benefits to the Retreat at El Cardonal – Health, Healing and Wellness Center. We hope to bring you additional information on the project in the near future. And remember: All contributions to the 2017 Mexico Cosolargy Center Property Purchase are 100% tax deductible.


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