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Wednesday September 30th 2020


“Awakening to the Infinite Light”




“The light of the infinite spirit came down to feeble nature for a short time until all of the impurity of nature became void, and in order that the darkness of nature might be exposed. I put on my garment, which is the garment of the light of the majesty—which I am. I came in the appearance of the spirit to consider the whole light, which was in the depths of the darkness, according to the will of the majesty, in order that the spirit by means of the word might be filled with his light independently of the power of the infinite light. And at my wish the spirit arose by his own power. His greatness was granted to him that he might be filled with his whole light and depart from the whole burden of the darkness. For what was behind was a dark fire that blew and pressed on the spirit. And the spirit rejoiced because he was protected from the frightful water. But his light was not equal to the majesty. What he was granted by the infinite light was given so that in all his members he might appear as a single image of light. And when the arose above the water, his dark likeness became apparent. And the spirit honored the exalted light: “Surely you alone are the infinite one, because you are above every unconceived thing, for you have protected me from the darkness. And at your wish I arose above the power of darkness.” ~ The Paraphrase of Shem


The Power of the Infinite Light

“It is said that when the realm of matter was created as an automatic reaction to the deeds of the fallen angels, God took pity on the poor creatures of matter found in the place. To make it possible for that realm to be redeemed, God sent His Great Infinite Light into the world to form spirits in all being and to form souls in the higher beings, us humans. Another variation makes more sense to me.”


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