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Friday October 30th 2020


Beyond Sungazing

There has been much interest in recent years on the practice of solar light absorption or what is popularly known as “sun gazing.” A quick search online will produce a myriad of Web sites advancing a variety of practices, many of which are highly speculative and misinformed. We know that many ancient cultures and civilizations held the sun in high regard. But in many cases, this, too, went far beyond the commonly held concept of “sun worship.” The great spiritual Masters and Teachers knew that the physical sun was a gateway to another world – a Sun behind the sun. They also knew that sunlight was the conveyer of Intelligence and Information. This Intelligence and Information was not only the source of all life on Earth but able to open or unlock latent spiritual faculties within the human being by means of certain Divine Factors streaming in through the physical from heavenly or Divine Realms. This was the teaching of the great Masters on which the noble religions and philosophies of the world were originally founded. These figures include Moses, Aaron, Jesus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Krishna, Viracocha/Quetzalcoatl, as well as Socrates, Plato, Akhenaten, Confucius, Lao Tzu and many, many others.

These ancient high solar religions were the basis of many of the traditions we are familiar with today, albeit they have mostly degenerated into forms that would be unrecognizable to the original founders and their high teachings, concepts and practices. One common element to be found among them, however, was that the use of the sun as a tool for spiritual awakening or enlightenment was accomplished through a Sacred System of Spiritual Regeneration taught by mystic Schools or holy Orders. This was the case with Jesus and the Essenes, the Aaronic Priesthood, Quetzalcoatl’s sun temples in the Americas, as well as for Plato and his Academy. But why was this? The reason was and is that the spiritual seeker employing the use of the sun’s vast energies must adhere to certain spiritual disciplines, ethics and codes in order to benefit in the best possible way and not cause damage – physical, psychic and spiritual – to oneself. Adherence to these disciplines, ethics and codes not only prevents the individual from using the power of the sun for selfish and destructive purposes, but also causes positive affects to the person, the planet, the Universe, and the spiritual Cosmos as a whole.

Today, we are privileged to live in a special Age. It is a time when an old cycle is passing away and a new one is coming into being. This time, whether we call it a New Solar Epoch, the Age of Consciousness, God’s Second Advent, or the dawning of a Golden Age of Light, is ushering in and bringing forth cosmic and spiritual changes never before experienced by the human family which is changing life as we know it. It is “now” that has been longed for and awaited by spiritual aspirants and seekers for millennia. As a species, we must learn to adapt to the profound changes taking place and the energies that have manifested within the sun which are impacting all living forms. Some might call this new sun the Sixth Sun; others might refer to it as the prophesied Sun of Righteousness (Malachi 4:2). It is my belief that the world will not perish, but it will surely be transformed. The question is what shape will that transformation take. Will it be for Good? The advancement of Truth Consciousness? And the emergence of a Golden Age of Light and a new race of Light Beings on Earth? I believe it will.

The transcendent System of Cosolargy, a modern word for an ancient spiritual discipline of becoming, has been practiced by solar mystics and spiritual seekers the world over for nearly 60 years. It teaches the individual how to use the light of the physical sun to enhance not only physical attributes but dormant psycho-spiritual faculties, as well. The Force Centers (chakras) are enlivened; they begin to spin and take on personality. Importantly, they are developed in harmony with each other, which is so often not the case. In time, the practicing solar adept penetrates beyond physical sunlight into Worlds of Light, a place beyond the physical but from where it emerged. By the application of Cosolargy, an ultra-organism is developed – the spiritual Light Body of which so many speak, but of which so little is known. The process takes one on a personal journey where one can retrace their origin to the Godhead and escape the cycle of life and death. It is a magnificent experience, and one which goes far beyond mere sun gazing.

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