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Monday September 21st 2020


“Church of New Epiphany Renovated”


Church of New Epiphany after 2013 renovations.  PHOTO: Stephan Fuelling

Church of New Epiphany after 2013 renovations. PHOTO: Stephan Fuelling

The time has come to give the Church of New epiphany a face lift. For the past couple of years Community members in Reno have voiced their concern over the condition of the Church, particularly the crumbling concrete steps during the winter when they are covered in snow. A person could easily slip off of them because, well, they were falling apart.

I recall last year a guest was invited to a Sunday Sunrise Church Service. After the service, when she went up to the chancel area to greet the Bishop, she remarked how interesting it was that we were able “to make the Church appear to be an ancient ruin”! Well, I think that was the clincher for me. Something had to be done.

Last summer Barbara Whitney offered to donate $800 dollars to buy the paint and stain to give the Church a fresh look, which we did. It came out looking so good that when you approached the Church, all of your attention was drawn to the broken down steps. Then Robert Roy spoke up and said, “It can’t cost that much to repair the steps. I’ll pay for half the cost.”

The very next day I got on the phone, calling local contractors for bids. It turns out the contractor he picked was the same contractor that had laid the concrete pads for the steel sheds at the Sanctuary. The contractor came out to the Sanctuary at the job site, and we discussed the possibilities for improvements based on costs.

We chose to shorten the second tier of steps and to put in a wall between them because it was less expensive and, as the photo shows, it looks really nice. The bid for the project was $8.600.00 dollars and we were able to shave 2,000.00 dollars off of that by removing the old stairs with our own Church people. Two Sunday work crews later, the site was prepped for the contractor to come in and do his thing. That took four days. Between time, we removed all the old gray gravel that was used to cover the landings between the steps and replaced it with a nicer looking gold-colored paving gravel that matches the color of the church walls.

All totaled, the project took about seven weeks to complete. I’d like to thank all the men who came out on Sundays to help take down the stairs. It was hard work. And special thanks to Micheal Mcintyre for his patience: We had to paint the church twice and Mike was instrumental in making that happen.

By Ted Staver


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