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Saturday June 6th 2020


Church to Purchase Beachfront Property in Mexico for Cosolargy Center


Satellite image of proposed site for healing center in Baja, Mexico PHOTO: Google Maps


The Church recently made arrangements to purchase 9223 square meters of beachfront property in Baja California Sur, Mexico to establish a Cosolargy Center there to serve as the headquarters for Cosolargy International in the Spanish-speaking world. Plans and photos will be forthcoming.

The property is located in the beautiful area of El Cardonal, a 25-minute drive north of Los Barriles on the east coast of the peninsula on the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). (See the satellite image above.)

You can locate the property yourself on Google maps. (1) Search for “El Cardonal, Baja California Sur, Mexico.” (2) Switch to the satellite map. (3) Magnify the area indicated by the red arrow until you can make out the trees. (4) Move to the vacant seaside lot two lots down from the lot marked by the red arrow with a big Cardinal cactus in the center. That is the location.

The lot is bordered on the north by an estate. On the south by an elementary school. And on the west by the sea and 100 meters of beachfront.

Keep all this in mind when you read the letter that is already in the mail to you asking for your help to make the dream of a center in Mexico come true.


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