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Monday June 24th 2019


“Clenched by Iron Bands”


A schematic of Earth’s electrical connections. PHOTO: ESA/DTU Space

“Earth’s electromagnetic field does not originate from a single source. Instead different areas generate greater or lesser fluctuating electromagnetism—exactly how it changes is not known. Swarm analyzes differences in the time signatures among the satellites, as well as electromagnetic flux density surrounding Earth’s fields, in order to determine what factors influence those changing fields.

“So far, Swarm data indicates that ocean water forms an electric current that, in turn, induces electromagnetic feedback in the mantle, a region between 30 kilometers deep under the continents and 5 kilometers below the ocean floor. Although the effect is small, it contributes to Earth’s overall intrinsic fields. An important note is that the electric charge flow is induced by coupling with the magnetosphere.”


Read the entire article posted online by Stephen Smith from the Thunderbolts Project on January 2, 2017 at thunderbolts.info.


link submitted by Robert Petrovich



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