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Saturday September 26th 2020


Gary Buchanan Speaking at International Water Conference




Reverend Canon Gary Buchanan will be in Sofia, Bulgaria October 6-9, 2016 to speak at the 11th Annual Water Conference. He will be speaking along with Dr. Gerald Pollack, an old colleague of his who has gained fame in recent years for his theory of fourth-phase water, and who is chairing the conference, and along with several Nobel Prize laureates. Rev. Buchanan’s work on Sonatherapy and his use of water to form archetypal cymagraphs made him a candidate for speaking at this prestigious international conference. In fact, his cymagraphs have gained so much interest that the conference organizers are using his cymagraphs on their Facebook page and throughout their newsletter.

Use the links below to find more information on the conference and to follow the conference live or streaming on Facebook.

Follow this link to the web site of the 11th Annual Water Conference:

Follow this link to the participants list where Rev. Buchanan is listed, and where you can read more about his research and the talk that he will be presenting at the Water Conference: http://www.waterconf.org/participants-materials/2016/

Here is the link to the Facebook page where you can follow the conference live or streaming:

Rev. Buchanan will be speaking from Sofia, Bulgaria on Sunday, October 9, 2016 from 10:10-10:45 AM, which translates to 12:12 AM October 9, 2016 — 10 hours earlier.
His talk is titled “SONATHERAPY®,CYMATICS, AND PHONON CHAINS: The Healing Potentials of Sound in the Body’s Vicinal Waters.”


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