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Sunday July 21st 2019


Gary Buchanan to Speak on Cosolargy at 2017 International Light Association Conference



The Reverend Canon Gary Buchanan has been invited to speak at the 2017 conference of the International Light Association, to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from April 29th through May 3rd. Cosolargy International President Gene Savoy Jr and his wife Radheka will also be attending the conference.

Gary was invited to speak by the president of the organization, Anadi Martel, whom Gary met in Bulgaria at the 11th Annual Water Conference held in Sofia October 6-9, 2016. Mr. Martel offered Gary space to talk about any and all aspects of light, including “higher sciences,” but advised him to create a bridge with more mainstream science through clinical and case studies when possible and asked Gary to devote a bit of time to Cymatics and the wonderful images and videos of sound resonance which he saw Gary present in Bulgaria. Gary’s time slot is for 75 minutes, including a questions period. His talk, the final presentation on the final day of the conference, will serve as final summation and conclusion to the week-long gathering.

Members of the board of the International Light Association include internationally situated physicists and many others. Dr. Jacob Liberman, who spoke at the 2012 “Spiritual State of the World Conference” in Reno is also the board and will evidently be presenting this year. Dr. Jim Oschman, also a speaker at a number of the “Spiritual State of the World” conferences sponsored by Cosolargy International, has presented at the International Light Association conference in the past. Others presenters will include Gerald Pollack, director of the EZ water conference in Bulgaria, and Fritz Albert Popp, pioneer in biophotons. There will also be numerous individuals involved in sun-gazing and photo-syntonics, light medicine and related technologies, and the study of ancient religions of the east. More can be reviewed on the board at http://www.international-light-association.org/board.

The 2017 conference of the International Light Association promises to be a good meet-up with people who may be interested in the principles taught by Cosolargy International. This conference may also establish inroads to other conferences and the groups that sponsor them.

The ILA’s purpose is to create a bridge between the scientific and the energy aspects of light, and participants include people working with both mainstream light medicine and more esoteric traditions. The web site of the International Light Association, which has the conference up front, may be viewed at http://www.international-light-association.org/.

Be sure to view Gary Buchanan’s front-page preview on the web site as well (http://www.international-light-association.org/event/conf-2017/presenter/gary-buchanan).


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