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Tuesday September 29th 2020


Gene Savoy Jr interviewed by Sally Page

Sally Page, host of the radio talk show World Awakening Vibrations on WebTalkRadio.net, interviewed Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. by phone on April 25 regarding his experiences with Cosolargy. Air date for the show was May 9, 2011.

A number of general questions were addressed during the program: What are some of the ancient traditions for solar practices? How did you get involved with solar practices? How has your experience changed over the years? What are the benefits of solar practices? What is your view on the information carried by the light energy of the sun? What are some good sources of information for those who would like more information?

Click HERE  to listen to Sally Page’s interview with Gene Savoy Jr., World Awakening Vibrations, show  051611:
Regenerate With Energy From The Sun – Cosolargy is a synthesis of science, metaphysics and the ancient practice of regenerating your spiritual systems with energy from the sun. This practice leads to development of the spiritual Light Body and plays a powerful role in transcending into higher dimensional existence. Gene Savoy Jr., President of Cosolargy International and Jamilian University shares his knowledge and experience of this highly advanced system.”

To read more about Sally Page’s interview with Gene Savoy Jr., click HERE.

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