A service publication of the International Community of Christ
Friday October 30th 2020


Hindu Baccalaureate Service at UNR

A Hindu baccalaureate service was held at the University of Nevada–Reno in the Joe Crowley Student Union on Saturday April 11. Attending on behalf of the Second Advent Church were the Right Reverend Gene Savoy Jr.  and the Reverends Robert and Francine Petrovich. Bishop Savoy also participated in the planning of the event.

The bishop also gave a blessing on behalf of the International Community of Christ and the Nevada Clergy Association. Others seated on the dais were Imam Abdul Barghoutti (Northern Nevada Muslim Community); Rabbi Elizabeth Beyer; Elder Bruce Brinkerhoff (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints); the Reverend Phil Bryan (Reno Buddhist Church); Elder Ralph Burns (Paiute tribe); Roya Galata (Baha’i faith); Nevada First Lady Dawn Gibbons; UNR provost Marc Johnson; Father John Legerski (Bishop Manogue High School); Reno police chief Michael Poehlman; the Reverend Bruce Taylor (Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church); Swami Vedananda (Vedanta Society of Northern California); Reno Hindu leader Rajan Zed; and UNR vice president Stephen Zink. Jim Eaglesmith gave a musical presentation, and L. Martina Young presented a dance.