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Sunday September 27th 2020


Hot Springs Connection Conference Attended



The 2019 Hot Springs Connection Conference, held November 4th – 8th at Indian Wells and Desert Hot Springs, California in the Greater Palm Springs area, was attended by Gene Savoy Jr. and Radheka Patel Savoy.

This was the 2nd annual conference of the Hot Springs Connection, a collaboration to unify the hot springs industry in the United States and abroad. Attending were 125 owners and operators of hot springs, primarily in the United States. Also represented were hot springs from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Gene and Radheka attended on behalf of Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center and Spa.

The Hot Springs Connection is receiving world-wide recognition to unite geothermal soaking facilities on a global level. During the week, like-minded industry professionals discussed and shared ideas on balancing environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects for successful hot springs management. Some of the topics discussed and addressed at the conference were: historic/heritage preservation; water stewardship; natural resource protection; wellness trends; product customization; efficient operations; regulatory requirements; utilizing geothermal energy; new design standards; tourism marketing; and hospitality training.

Also introduced and launched at the conference was a new Hot Springs Association, a trade association of hot springs owners and operators. The purpose of the Association is to bring together owners and operators to collaborate and cooperate with each other in order to promote the hot springs industry to the public, to share information and ideas, to influence policy, to share new technology, and to work together to represent the diverse hot springs of North America. In addition to the Association, a separate Hot Springs of America website was announced and launched. It is the only site that lists and maps every hot spring in the United States. Steamboat will be joining the Association and will be listed on the Hot Springs of America website.


Take a look at the excellent story and photos that the City of Desert Hot Springs posted on their website!


by Gene Savoy Jr.

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