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Thursday October 29th 2020


Life of Jim Humphrey Celebrated


James Lewis Humphrey


Jim Humphrey (1944-2013), crew member of the Feathered Serpent II (FSII) expedition and one-time Consociate of the Community, made his transition January 19, 2013. A celebration of his life for family and friends was held at Washoe County Golf Course on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM. Bishop Gene Savoy Jr., who knew Jim as a child while Jim was pilot of the FSII, and Shane Grady, Jim Humphrey’s sometimes golf partner, were in attendance at the life celebration as representatives of the Second Advent Church Community.

The printed program for the celebration of Jim’s life referred indirectly to the FSII expedition in this way:

“Besides being a track star, well known and respected golfer, and pilot, Jim had a personal life mission of understanding the meaning of love, life, and spirituality. His sailing trip in 1978 to Central and South America was one of his many pursuits in finding the truths that defined life and the world around him.”


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