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Saturday June 6th 2020


“Israel Suite” Now on You Tube

Israel Suite was composed by Gary Buchanan in 1988. The Hebraic music was composed for a documentary film produced and directed by Gene Savoy, Mystery of the Essenes of Old Israel, a 1992 Project X release.

The 1991 Project X tour to Israel and Jordan visited a great many ancient sites—Jersualem and the Mount of Olives, Wadi Qumran, Masada, Beth Shemesh, Capernaum, Mount Gerizim and the excavations taking place there, Mount Hermon, Tiberias, and multiple cities on the coast of Galilee, Caesarea Maritima, and many others. The entire time in Israel the crew was filming and keeping records of their discoveries. Upon their return to Nevada, they began editing the footage and assembling the documentary. A great deal of the film was synchronized with the music Buchanan had already recorded in the studio.

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