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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


March 7, 2020: Chapel Readings



Reverend Canon Robert Petrovich

Each week of the liturgical year, a reading from Second Advent Scripture is delivered as part of the Saturday Communion of Fellowship Service held in the Chapel of the Holy Child. This reading follows the Sacred Calendar of the Church; that is, Prophecies and Revelations that have been received by The Church on sacred dates are recalled in a liturgical context during the appropriate season each year. This reading is delivered just before the final blessings. Each service also includes a reading from the ancient scriptures, prayers, or wisdom sayings of various world religions past and present and is usually thematically related to the Second Advent Reading. This reading is delivered by the Reader right after the announcements that begin the service and is thus the first reading of the service. An audio recording of the reading from Second Advent Scripture delivered on the date above is provided here below together with a transcript of the first reading of the service that day.


Click here to watch this week’s readings on YouTube. (15:52 minutes)



A Reading from Prophecy of the Golden Age of Light, Chapter 84: “On the Golden Age of Light and the Nation of Nations” (pp. 714-723).



A Reading from the Teachings of Confucius:

“The superior man accords himself with the Middle Way. Though he may be unknown, unregarded by the world, he feels no regret. It is only the sage who is able to do this. The way that the superior man pursues reaches wide and far, and yet is secret. Common men and women, however ignorant, may meddle with the knowledge of it; yet in its utmost reaches, there is that which even the sage does not know. Common men and women, however much below the ordinary standard of character, can put it into practice; yet in its utmost reaches, there is that which even the sage is not able to put into practice. The way of the superior man may be found, in its simple elements, in the society of common men and women; but in its utmost reaches, it shines brightly through Heaven and earth.”

The Master said, “The path is not far from man. When men try to pursue a course that is far from the common indications of consciousness, this course cannot be considered The Path. Therefore, the superior man governs men according to their nature, with what is proper to them, and as soon as they change what is wrong, he stops.

“When one cultivates to the utmost the principles of his nature, and exercises them on the principle of reciprocity, he is not far from the path. What you do not like when done to yourself, do not do to others.”




Click here to watch this week’s readings on YouTube. (15:52 minutes)


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