A service publication of the International Community of Christ
Sunday September 20th 2020


Sonatherapy and Wave Front Bioresonance added to System

During the spring, The Community has continued with many projects following upon last summer’s publication of the Reverend Gary Buchanan’s book, SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance.

Plans are under way for a new treatment facility at Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa wherein new holistic therapies of sound, light, color, and water may be applied. Meanwhile, The Community is trademarking the new technology under the names of Sonatherapy® and Wave Front Bioresonance® so that these revolutionary new approaches to healing may become part of the overall System of Cosolargy — as an ongoing research department under the auspices of the Cosolargy Institute.

Meanwhile, working with colleagues from around the globe, Rev. Buchanan, through The Music Guild, is meeting regularly with the “Sona Working Group” in the design and manufacture of a new unit and applicators to be used at the Healing Center.

In regard to the new sound research, Rev. Buchanan published an online article in the AVS Journal in February titled “Wave Front Bioresonance and Consciousness.” (See www.harmonicresolution.com/AVSJ%202009.pdf)