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Wednesday September 30th 2020


Nevada Clergy Association members visit Sacramento Spiritual Life Center

On Sunday, April 3, 2011, Bishop Savoy and two other members of the Nevada Clergy Association, the Reverends Bill Bartlett and Robert Petrovich, both of the International Community of Christ, made a trip to Sacramento, California to attend a Sunday Celebration Service at the Spiritual Life Center. The purpose of the trip was to meet with the minister conducting the service, the Reverend Michael Moran.

During the March meeting of western region interfaith leaders at the Western Regional Interfaith Leaders Conference, March 7-8, 2011, Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. met Unity minister Rev. Michael Moran and was impressed with what he had to say about the interfaith movement. Based on their religious and theological conversations during the conference, Bishop Savoy offered to visit Rev. Moran in Sacramento. Following the Sunday celebration April 3, Bishop Savoy was able to speak with Rev. Moran. Bishop Savoy invited Rev. Moran to attend a sunrise service in Reno and gifted him a copy of Jamil: Child of Light.