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Tuesday April 23rd 2019


Preparations Being Made to Visit Proposed Site of Cosolargy Center in Mexico



Follow this link to a gallery of photos of the Los Barriles area.


Several members of the Community are preparing to visit potential sites for a Cosolargy Center in Mexico. From Reno, Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. and his daughter Sophia, Reverend Mothers Elizabeth Reece and Rebecca Willis, Reverends Karen and Jim Elliott, and healing center directors Muriel and John Curry. And from Texas, Reverend Ron Theriault.

The group will be in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico for the week of February 20-27, 2017 touring the Los Barriles area and visit sites that could soon house a Cosolargy Center in Mexico.

There are several purposes of the visit in February: to expose members of the Church to the Los Barriles area; to meet with the Church’s attorney and realtor on the Cosolargy corporation and property options; and to hopefully purchase or secure property for the Community’s health, wellness and Cosolargy center. The proposed Center will include a spa, accommodations, restaurant, shops and has 100 yards of beachfront on the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California and the Vermilion Sea).

Previous visits to Los Barriles were made in 2015 by Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. and Steamboat Healing Center and Spa Director John Curry on information-gathering and fact-finding missions for The Community’s planned project for a retreat, conference center, and hot springs facility. In that formative stage in the project process, they met with real estate agents, geothermal experts, engineers, well drillers, building contractors and architects, government officials, accountants and banks, in addition to consulting with the Church’s attorney in Mexico.

The Community’s corporation, Cosolargy International, which has already been formed in Mexico, allows for religious gatherings and assemblies, the establishment of the Jamilian University and the Cosolargy Academy, the dissemination of educational and other material in every media format, the formation of health and wellness facilities, and the ability to have sub-corporations and engage in agreements with second parties. The corporation has the right to conduct its operations anywhere in Mexico.


Follow this link to a gallery of photos of the Los Barriles area.


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