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Wednesday October 21st 2020


Project “X’ Tours Japan

On May 7, 2011, Head Bishop Gene Savoy Jr., Cardinal Bishop Sean Savoy, and a delegation from the Reno Church Community left for Japan via Los Angeles, where they joined other Community members from the United States. Once in Japan, Japanese Community members joined the group to participate in a 12-day tour of southern Japan, visiting holy shrines, temples, and other sacred sites. Informal talks on the ancient solar cultures of Japan throughout the trip, and a seminar on vibrational healing was conducted near the end of the tour. Most tour members returned to the United States on May 21. The Head Bishop, Cardinal Bishop, and a few others remained in South Korea for a few days to visit sacred sites in that country, returning to Reno on May 26.

For details of the itinerary and additional photos of the trip, see the full article in Special Reports.

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