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Friday September 25th 2020


Renown Spiritual Center Grand Opening


Nevada Interfaith quilt mounted on display in the Interfaith Chapel PHOTO: Gene Savoy Jr


The Renown Spiritual Center and Interfaith Sanctuary celebrated its grand opening on Monday evening, March 19, 2018. The event was attended on behalf of the International Community of Christ by Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. and his wife Radheka Patel.

The renovation project entered its initial planning stage in 2015. (See the article posted in August 2015 for details.)  Now, after nearly three years, the project has come to fruition.


The Giving Tree on the wall of Renown’s Interfaith Chapel PHOTO: Gene Savoy Jr.


The Church was a $1000 sponsor of the renovation and received a plaque in memory of Gene Savoy Sr., which was placed on the chapel’s “giving tree.”


Gene Savoy Sr. sponsor plaque PHOTO: Gene Savoy Jr.


In addition, Reverend Mother Elizabeth Reece provided to additional panes of stained glass to make the original design a triptych.


Stained glass triptych designed and constructed by Reverend Mother Elizabeth Reece PHOTO: Gene Savoy Jr.


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3 Responses to “Renown Spiritual Center Grand Opening”

  1. Bruce Bunch says:

    the stained glass is awesome! thank you, Elizabeth!

  2. Charles Stewart says:

    This work of art is the perfect terminology to the meaning of what is Heaven Sent. Thank you, Sister Elizabeth, for this act of Divine Inspiration for it is the one mysteries of the Art of Glass whereas, not anyone or everyone can do.
    Thank you from the Heart of My Sun.

  3. Ted Staver says:

    amazing works of art

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