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Sunday September 20th 2020


Snow White Arias Premiered with Full Orchestra


2014-SPM-Snow White Score Cover2


< Watch the performance of the two arias on YouTube. (11 minutes) >


The Reno Pops Orchestra premiered two arias from Snow White: The Opera; For Young People of All Ages on November 8, 2014 at the University of Nevada-Reno’s Nightingale Concert Hall. The full-length three-act opera was composed by music students of the Jamilian Parochial School during the 1991–1992 school year under the direction of the Reverend Gary Buchanan. This performance was the first time any part of the opera was performed by full orchestra.

At this premiere, the two arias from Snow White: The Opera were sung by Steven Meyer (Baritone) and Jennifer Probst Hilderbrand (Soprano) with the Reno Pops Orchestra.

Steven Meyer sang the part of the Huntsman who in Act I is sent out by the evil Queen of Fall to take the Princess Snow White into the wood, kill her, and bring back the girl’s heart to the Queen as proof of the deed. In the wood the Huntsman finds that he cannot bring himself to kill Snow White and tells her to run away into the dark forest. Following her departure, the Huntsman is at a loss as to what to do because the Queen expects him to return with Snow White’s heart. Suddenly, a wild board runs out of the forest in the direction of Snow White’s departure. The Huntsman rushes to throw himself upon the boar, cuts out its heart with his dagger, and sings that he now has a substitute heart to present to the evil Queen of Fall.

Jennifer Probst Hilderbrand sang the part of the Queen of Fall at the moment near the end of Act II when the Queen discovers, in conversation with the mirror on her wall, that Snow White still lives and makes her plan to kill Snow White with a poison apple.


< Watch the performance of the two arias on YouTube. (11 minutes) >



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