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Monday August 3rd 2020


Solar Cultures of India Journey in Planning Stages




If you have the dream to make a meaningful visit to mystical India, an amazing opportunity is available. But it is still in the very early planning stages. In fact, the trip cannot be scheduled until there is enough interest from people to participate.

So if you are interested, send an email to [email protected] right away. The decision to finalize the India journey must be made by August 31.

Costs and itinerary will be developed once interest is shown. But typically, expenses in India are minimal compared to many other countries. Even flights to India are reasonable.

10 to 20 people need to join the tour group for the journey to be guaranteed to take place. Tour members do not need to be members of The Community, so feel free to send a copy of the flyer to your personal mailing list.

< Download flyer here. >

The tour is of spiritual interest as you will see by the flyer attached. Help make this a reality for February 2016!


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