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Tuesday August 4th 2020


“Spiritual Work in the Vineyards of God”



“It is preferable for man to go through sufferings rather than spend an easy, luxurious life; it is preferable for man to stay all day in the vineyard, to get blisters on his hands and to get his face sunburned rather than have no blisters and his face remain fair, not touched by the Sun. One who works at the Divine Vineyard will always have a share in it. Nature likes hard-working, diligent people while it turns its back on lazy people. … If you work, nature will help you and God will assist you.” ~Biensa Douno

Workers Rule!

If you would believe the people currently running most countries in the world, you would believe that greed and laziness are great virtues. Likewise, if you believe most in the medical community, you will hide as much as possible from the sun that is out to get you. Both of those beliefs, however, are wrong, especially for spiritual people.

This doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the sense that is often depicted in movies where saints could only achieve enlightenment after suffering greatly by prosecution, painful disease, or the death of loved ones. While it is true that such events can trigger one to began searching for spiritual truth, that doesn’t mean such extreme suffering is necessary.

On the other hand, if you think that just closing your eyes and visualizing yourself as an enlightened master will make it happen, you are also wrong. Thinking about it and visualizing it can be helpful. The most important thing, however, is working at it. Like everything else in the realm of matter, things spiritual must be earned.


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Original article posted by HAROLD BOULETTE on OCTOBER 7, 2017


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