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Wednesday September 30th 2020


Steamboat Healing Center Now 100% Green!


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A 24 kilowatt photovoltaic array was commissioned for Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa by local company Black Rock Solar (BRS) in July 2014. By October 2014 the system installed by Black Rock Solar was fully operational and now provides 100% of the electrical energy needs for the main spa building.

This renewable energy project was undertaken by BRS in conjunction with the state of Nevada to provide a model of sustainability in the area, and is projected to offset 500 tons of greenhouse gases and save the International Community of Christ (ICC) more than $85,000 over the next 25 years.

In July the solar array was installed but operational until the major electrical panel was replaced, because the old electrical panel could not carry the load. The cost for replacement was $18,000, but even with that purchase, which has been financed over a period of a few years, ICC began to save money almost immediately because of the high rate of utility payments. Nevada Energy (NV Energy), the regional supplier of public utilities, also needed to change the transformer on the power pole that supplies the main spa building. But once the project was completed, the spa became a 100% green facility with the photovoltaic array providing all the electricity and geothermal providing all the heat.

The project began its conception phase in April 2013, when ICC was approached with the idea by local Episcopal priest Rev. Stephanie Schatz, who had converted her downtown church building to solar power and gave Bishop Gene Savoy Jr. the contact information for Black Rock Solar, a local green energy company that works only with non-profit entities.

In May, Gene sent the necessary application information to BRS, and BRS in turn applied to NV Energy’s non-profit grants program for solar generation of power , a photovoltaic incentive program available to customers of NV Energy. (Click on proposal photo above or promotional flyer below to enlarge.) BRS determined that the main building at Steamboat Spa would be most beneficial to ICC. And according to the grants available at the time, the main spa building was best for the project at the time.

From May through October 2013 BRS did their analysis and presented ICC with their report. By the end of November, BRS and ICC submitted an application to NV Energy to receive a $69,000 grant. By December 2013 the project was approved by NV Energy and the grant money was awarded to BRS, the company doing the installation, and work began. The company projected that the installation would be completed by the end of June 2014, and their work on the project was actually completed by July.


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