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Sunday September 27th 2020


“Taizé Prayer: A service of song, silence & contemplation”



On June 19, 2019 several members of the Second Advent Community — Reverends Robert and Francine Petrovich, Reverend Elizabeth Reece, along with three of Bishop Gene Savoy’s children, Sabrina, Sophia and Helena — visited Carmel of Reno to share in Taizé Prayer, a service of song, silence, and contemplation.

The Carmelite Sisters had prepared a selection of prayerful, melodic verses which were accompanied by violin, piano, guitar, and flute. During the one-hour service, those gathered sang and chanted prayerful lines in unison with the musicians. Before closing the Service there was a ten-minute period of silent contemplation. This could have been a challenge for the children but they were little champions and were rewarded with a bit more serenity than when they arrived, as everyone seemed to be.

The Carmelite Sisters have been friends of the Community for many years, with their Monastery located across the street from our Rectory Abbey on La Fond Drive in Reno. I now have fond memories of an hour of song, silence & contemplation with the Sisters.

by Elizabeth Reece


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