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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


The Story of Evolution




Evolution, most of all, means that we are not in a static world. We are in a world that is always being born again in new divergent forms. This is significant in that it shows the status quo never lasts; …

Yet despite all the bad idea evolution has spawned and beyond the details of the many different forms life has taken, the realization of evolution as a whole and later theories that some kind of force must be seen as part of the Organic Shift. What is that force? Why has life become increasingly complex through its many species, and why have these species become increasingly conscious?” ~Michael Schacker

“In a very general sense, there is no doubt that evolution is real, but that doesn’t mean everything that is suggested by it is true, nor does it mean that it is true for all species on Earth.

While Darwin wrote about the survival of the strongest or the fittest, leading to the unfortunate idea that we should all function as if we are in competition with each other to get a bigger piece of limited resources so we can be the ones to survive, and the sick idea of awarded greed almost to the point of worshiping the greediest among us, others have a different idea. Bergson said that evolution is not survival of the fittest, but a movement from the simple to the complex and from very limited consciousness to an expanded consciousness. Bergson believed there was a guiding force to evolution which he called theelan vital. In fact, if you think about it, you can easily see evolution as a diseased organism attempting to heal itself, and in a sense that is exactly what is happening. . . .”

To read Harold’s complete post, click on: http://blog.spiritsun.net/2014/03/05/the-story-of-evolution.aspx


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