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WEEKLY MESSAGE: March 6, 2019








March 6, 2019

Today’s message is the second part of three, paraphrased from the Prophecy of the New Covenant:

Spiritual Life must begin with the acceptance of order and by turning away from disorder. This can only be realized by means of The Image and The Word over a period of spiritual evolution and a return to the True State of Life. [Emphasis added]

As a person’s life nears its material end and the principal source of reality – the body and mind – fades, the Spirit glimmers as if touched by the light of another world. But, oftentimes, it is too late. The Spirit has grown old like the body and it is not able to channel the Creative Powers and Forces of Light that reach out to touch it. If the human race could attain this realization while the Spirit is still young and vibrant, Mankind would see that another world does indeed exist, and their Spirits would shine brightly.

God extends the means by which humans everywhere may experience True Life, which He has given as a great gift. That True Life has its beginning in the Spiritual Sun which is the gateway to another world – that world which is a source of Light that reaches out to touch a dying world with its races. God has appeared to father a system of spiritual regeneration from out of the Sun.

The races have a right to life and a right to know of this Teaching. God wills that they begin their evolution back to the Godhead whence they evolved. It begins here on Earth, in their present material form. It will lead them to the Sun and beyond to the stars and other worlds which they cannot presently comprehend because of their magnitude and dimension.

It is the destiny of the human race to inherit Eternal Life, for we are heirs to the Divine World – made without blemish – that God gave us in the beginning of Creation. But if the human family is to be worthy of this inheritance, it must first rid the Creation of all Evil and put down the Powers of Darkness forever. This requires a Knowledge of the Divine and an access to the Powers of Light.

By living The Way under the Spiritual Sun, the Spirit of Light is regenerated into a Living Soul – an Angel of God made as His Likeness and Thought. Humanity’s evolution and return back to the Godhead is possible only by the application of the human Spirit within the Creative Powers of God. It is not possible by human efforts within secular institutions. The evolved Spirit by its use of Creative Powers under The Law and in Community is capable of changing the world, for Spirit is more powerful than matter.

God’s chosen people are always those created in His Image – those reborn in Spirit, never those of the Earth, for God speaks not to matter. This is The Way of The Law. It was the same during the ministry of Jesus, and it is the same in this Ministry given afresh under the New Covenant of the Second Advent.

Once again, if I may be of any personal service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours in Light+,


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